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Fine Arts Agent was established by a group of professionals experienced in art, finance, branding and marketing who have come together to provide a unique set of services in Fine Arts Market such as art advisory, brand management, marketing, as well as art-related investment and leasing services.

Fine Arts Agent endeavors to elevate the artists and their artworks with dedicated branding support, events, press and media coverage.

Fine Arts Agent acts as an investment broker for individual and corporate clients helping to source and to secure the best artwork at that time.

Fine Arts Agent has established relationships with country clubs, luxury hotels, restaurants and institutions to offer an exclusive rental service.




Art Brokerage Service

At Fine Arts Agent we help source the most prestigious artworks for our clients. Our brokers will tailor Fine Arts portfolios to best meets our enthusiast, collector and investment client's criteria whilst providing the best advice, consultation and research service in fine arts.
Our clients may also benefit from the fixed income from our rental service while the artwork naturally appreciates in value.

Corporate Art Rental

Fine Arts Agent has established relationships with commercial property developers, contractors, suppliers, country clubs, luxury hotels, restaurants and institutions to offer an exclusive art rental service.

Brand Management

Fine Arts Agent identifies mid-career artists with the great potential to guide them into higher value by developing brand awareness with dedicated marketing strategies, presentations, events, and exhibitions.

Our aim is to benchmark the artist whilst developing market awareness and a solid track record performance.

Lease to Buy Artworks

Fine Arts Agent can help leasing clients add-on to their retirement saving with our "Lease to Buy" program. At the end of the lease period, our leasing clients have the option to purchase the artwork at a discount based on a subtraction from the leasing payments made.
While your company can receive some tax benefits by deducting the art rental fees as a business expense you can later buy the artworks at a fraction of the cost.

Exit Strategy

Once it is time to trade out, Fine Arts Agent has relationships with auction houses, galleries, museums and dealers worldwide, ensuring the best price is always attained for our clients.

We constantly monitor the market to make the best recommendations and to pinpoint the best times to buy and sell.


Managing Arithmetics over Ideology for Art Investment

Fine Arts Agent deals in the most prestigious artworks sculptures and high-end bespoke furniture pieces made out of organic raw materials, created by leading artists as an alternative asset class for investors.

Fine Arts Agent looks for already established artists with unique and highly valuable artworks who wish to expand into greater horizons. Our agents will promote their best artworks to high-net individuals, collectors, galleries, museums, and auctions for sale as well as rental.

Fine Arts Agent endeavors to elevate high performing mid-career artists to a higher status of recognition and net-worth to the artist.

Our clientele includes law firms, consultancies, country clubs, real estate developers, hotels & spas, recruitment companies amongst many others.

Our concept is very simple but effective. We offer client-facing corporates the opportunity to rent high-end works from award-winning artists for their office space. On top of adding an edge to your company’s brand and image at a fraction of the cost, renting artworks also allows you the flexibility of changing and refreshing your office wall space with minimal effort. We represent a cross-section of high-end, both contemporary and indigenous who have exhibited in museums and collections all over the world.

Fine Arts Agent also offers our clients a free art consultancy service for their premises. We take into consideration your company image, color scheme, spacing and will provide you with an impressive selection of artwork to choose from.

To insure our artist's popularity and artworks appreciation Fine Arts Agent contracts the artists into marketing program for two key objectives including an extensive marketing and awareness program for artists and their artworks by working closely with PR companies, main stream media, radio coverage, advertisement, events, as well as investing into in-house marketing campaigns, SEO marketing, print & Online press to expand the awareness and appreciation for our artists and their products on a step-by-step basis worldwide


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